The Effects of Drinking Water Supplemented with Essential Oils on Performance, Egg Quality and Egg Yolk Fatty Acid Composition in Laying Hens

This study was performed to examine the effect of different concentrations of an essential oil mixture (EOM) added to drinking water on growth performance, internal and external egg quality, and egg yolk fatty acid composition in laying hens. A total of 240 Brown Nick laying hens aged 20 weeks were used in this study. These hens were divided into one control and three treatment groups whose drinking water was supplemented with 0, 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3 ml/L of Oregofarm EOM. Oregofarm is a commercially available product containing peppermint, oregano, and anise oil. Each treatment group was further categorized into 10 subgroups, each consisting of 6 laying hens. The hens were fed basal rations for 16 weeks. For data collection and analysis, a 16-week period was divided into three time periods of 5 weeks. The weights of 25- to 30- and 35-week eggs were recorded weekly. In the groups whose drinking water was supplemented with the EOM, there was a significant improvement in egg production (EP) (p


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