Futbola Özgü Oyunlara Verilen Fizyolojik ve Kinematik Cevaplar: Antrenman Maçı ile Karşılaştırma

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Physiological And Kinematic Responses To Small Sided Games In Soccer: Comparison With The Training Match

The aim of this study was to compare physiologicaland kinematic responses to various soccer specificsmall-sided games and friendly match. 14 youngsoccer players (age: 15.6????0.6 years; height: 171.5????4.5cm; body weight: 61.2????5.3 kg) were voluntarily participatedin the study. Four sets of small sided gameswere played under standardized time and field spacefor each player by 2-a-side, 4-a-side, 6-a-side, and8-a-side without a goalkeeper by normal game rules.In all games the resting duration between sets was 2minutes. Training match was played in normal officialsize field under regular rules. In small sided gamesand match blood lactate, heart rate and subjectiveperceived exertion rating were used as physiologicalvariables; the total distance covered, the numberand time spent in each activity categories as stoppageand walking, jogging, low-medium-high velocityrunning were determined as kinematic variables. Insmall sided games as the number of players increasethe intensity of the game has decreased, and vice versa.According to kinematic findings as the number ofplayers increased, amount of time spent and distancerun in low intensities has increased, and as opposite tothis, as the number of players decreased the amountof time spent and distance run in higher intensities hasalso increased. According to the findings it is better touse physiological and kinematic variables together inestablishing the intensity of the game. Furthermore8-a-side game format showed most similar kinematicand physiological variables compare to other form ofgames in this study.


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APA Hazır, S , Açıkada, C . (2017). Futbola Özgü Oyunlara Verilen Fizyolojik ve Kinematik Cevaplar: Antrenman Maçı ile Karşılaştırma . Spor Bilimleri Dergisi , 27 (4) , 194-209 . DOI: 10.17644/sbd.311989