Öz Levansucrases (E.C.2. 4. 1. 10) are fructosyltransferase (Ftase) which belong to GH68 glycoside hydrolaseenzyme family and catalyze the formation of levan and fructooligosaccharides (FOS) by using sucroseas substrate. Levansucrases are produced by several microorganisms including Bacillus subtilis,Streptococcus mutansand Zymomonas mobilis. The importance of levansucrase enzyme which catalyzesthe formation of levan biopolymer and fructooligosaccharides is increasing day by day and the industrialproduction of this enzyme is usually performed through microbial bioprocesses using differentmicroorganisms. The fructan polymers levan and FOS catalyzed by levansucrases have several industrialapplications in food, cosmetic, medicine biomedical and nanotechnology. In this review, the functionalproperties of levansucrases, their microbial production, purification strategy and biopolymers synthesizedby levansucrases was summarized



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