Effect of Swirl Plates on Volumetric Discharge Rate and Spray Characteristics of Hollow Cone Nozzles

The aim of the study is to determine the effect of orifice diameter, swirl plate and spray pressure on the volumetric flow, discharge coefficient and some spray characteristics of hollow cone nozzles. In the trials, five nozzle discs with 1,0, 1,2, 1,6, 2,0 and 2,4 millimetres orifice diameters and three polyacetal materials with 2 or 3 slots and one stainless steel with 2-slots swirl plate were used. Spray application were made at spray pressures of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 bar. The highest discharge rate at constant pressure was obtained with stainless steel and the lowest blue swirl plates. Although the number of slots was different, the effect of brown and yellow swirl plates on volumetric discharge rate variation was statistically insignificant. The discharge coefficient decreased as the diameter of the nozzle orifice increased. Accordingly, the average discharge coefficient for the 1,0 mm, 1,2, 1,6, 2,0 and 2,4 mm diameter nozzle discs was 0,411, 0,362, 0,285, 0,236 and 0.201, respectively. It was estimated that the droplet diameter in the range of 2-12 bar in the hollow cone nozzles varied between 76,3-219,0 µm and it was determined that mostly very fine and partially fine and medium sized droplets were produced.


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