Zeugma Mozaik Müzesi Projesi


Since the mosaics found in Zeugma antique city in 2000 had directed suddenly the attention of the archaeology world into in Zeugma antique city, the Ministry of Culture had exhibited a part of mosaics inside Gaziantep Archaeology Museum in 2005. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality caused a new museum building to be built in Gaziantep on İpekyolu Silk Road in 2009 to ensure that all mosaics were exhibited collectively. The Ministry of Culture had prepared a new exhibition project within the framework of Zeugma Mosaic Museum for the building which was transferred to the Ministry of Culture with the purpose of formation of a museum. The theme of exhibition is formed by the fact that this museum should be the one which is didactic mosaic museum not only displaying the mosaics as they were found during excavation but also showing the architectural elements, wall pictures and sculpture and additionally telling the life lived at such period. Such theme is also shaped as a project which shows that excavated parts of Zeugma, which were moved and reinstalled in new museum building and put under protection. Though the name of museum is Zeugma Mosaic Museum, mosaics that were found in vicinity of Gaziantep were included in the exhibition. Thus, a mosaic exhibition, which continues chronologically without being interrupted between Ist century A.D. and VIth century A.D.; welcomes its visitors. In the museum, which addresses to the feelings of visitors in addition to classical museum exhibition and which was planned to help them to feel themselves in a Roman Villa of that era, all opportunities of the modern technology were used.