Bir Ahşap Yapıda Koruma - Uygulama Metodolojisi 3


This article is focused on the restoration period of a traditional Ottoman timber house in ‘Süleymaniye’. This is the implementation part of the case study on restoration-conservation methodology carried out by KUDEB.The case study includes the entire work on both scientific and architectural fields of conservation such as research, documentation, material analyses, implementation methodologies and proposals in terms of national and global criteria for the conservation of cultural heritage. Architectural project team, laboratory work and Timber Training Workshop are involved in the study, so collaboration among various disciplines is tried to be provided. Main principles of the case study can be shortly defined as ‘authenticity’ and ‘sustainability’. These refer to ‘protecting the survived original building elements and details in situ’ and ‘developing and practising the methods for extending their lifespan with an interdisciplinary work’ synchronously. Restoration is just one of the periods of the whole conservation process, whereas post-implementation steps like re-use and further maintenance provide the real and long-term conservation of the historical, social and intangible values of the property. Therefore ‘unity’ among the whole approaches also occurs as another principle in the long term. Previous articles in the first and fourth volumes of this journal had included the analytical work on survey drawings, material analyses, proposals for reconstitution, restoration project, decisions about re-use and studies before the restoration such as removal of the improper additions, dismantling inventory, etc. This third article represents the implementation period of the case study. The reconstruction of the fire wall and reparation work and techniques used for the timber-frame construction system are explained in parallel with practices at Timber Training Workshop. It will be continued to share the relevant experiences about the study in further volumes


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