Osmanlı Türklerinde İlim Üzerinden O. Şevki Uludağ - Fuat Köprülü Tartışması ve O. Şevki Uludağ'dan A. Adnan Adıvar'a Eleştiriler

Dr. Osman Şevki Uludağ Disputes Professor Fuat Köprülü's Review of Science Among the Ottoman Turks by A. Adıvar

When published in 1943, Dr. Adnan Adıvar’s Osmanlı Türklerinde İlim (Science among the Ottoman Turks) met favorable criticism, especially from Professor Dr. M. Fuat Köprülü who praised Adıvar’s work for his objectivity. On the other hand, Köprülü pointed out that some authors, devoid of criticism, used to describe Ottoman history of science and medicine as imaginary and nationalistic. The medical historian Dr. Osman Sevki Uludağ whose works were referred to by Dr. A.Adıvar in his Science among the Ottoman Turks, published in the daily Tasvîr-i Efkâr a series of articles pointing to Adıvar’s shortcomings regarding Turkish medical history. In these articles Dr. Osman Şevki also responded to Fuat Köprülü’s general assessment of studies on Turkish history of medicine to date. The present paper aims to bring to light the criticism forwarded by F.Köprülü, A.Adıvar and O.Ş. Uludağ and re-evaluate based on present day researches.