Synthesis of the compound 4-Coumarinyl 4-methoxybenzoate and molecular docking study against COVID-19

In this study, a coumarin derivative 4-coumarinyl 4-methoxybenzoate was synthesized. Mold / structure. The data of the synthesized compounds were determined to be compatible with IR, 13C and 1H NMR. The COVID-19 activity of the coumarin-derived compound that I synthesized with molecular placement studies was revealed. In addition, these results have been previously studied and compared to Nelfinavir (NFV), which is declared promising for this activity. There is an urgent need for a drug to be used against COVID-19, which negatively affects human life worldwide and causes pandemic leading to the death of many people. The activity potentials of this compound was further evaluated through molecular docking studies with AutoDock4 and AutoDock Vina softwares.


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Medicine Science
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  • Başlangıç: 2012


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