Local and systemic side effects of the coronanovac vaccine

Local and systemic side effects of the coronanovac vaccine

Objective: Vaccines are biological products that provide protection against diseases by stimulating the immune system. Our aim in this study is to examine local and systemic side effects after inactivated coronavirus vaccination. In addition, when these side effects started, how long they lasted and their effect on daily life were evaluated. Methods: 224 healthcare workers who met the study criteria and were vaccinated against coronavirus in Adana City Training and Research Hospital were included in the study. A questionnaire prepared by us was filled in for these patients in which we inquired about the local and systemic side effects of the vaccine, the onset of side effects, their duration, whether they affect daily life, the need for drug use, and some demographic data. The survey results were evaluated with the SPSS statistical program. Local and systemic side effects were evaluated according to age, gender, allergy status, onset time, duration of effect, effect on daily life, and use of medical treatment. Results: At least one side effect was observed in 73.2% of 224 patients, while no side effects were observed in 26.8%. Being under the age of 35, being female, and being allergic increased the side effects (p:0.0027, p:0.001, p.0.031). In the logistic regression analysis, it was seen that being a woman was more effective (p.0.002). The most common local side effect was at the injection site pain was 76.2%, the most common systemic side effect was weakness 40.9%. 85.6% of local side effects and 70.4% of systemic side effects were seen in the first 24 hours. 71.3% of local side effects and 70.1% of systemic side effects lasted less than 24 hours. Conclusion: Inactivated covid-19 vaccine causes side effects in the majority of patients.In the otorhinolaryngology outpatient clinic, attention should be paid to the side effects of the coronovac vaccine in female patients under the age of 35 who have allergies.


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Vancouver Karaoğullarından A. , Erkan S. O. , Tuhanioğlu B. , Yıldırım İ. , Özdemir A. A. Local and systemic side effects of the coronanovac vaccine. Interdisciplinary Medical Journal. 2023; 14(49): 79-86.
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