Akımlı Yöntemle Üretilen Fe-W Alaşım Kaplamalar Üzerinde Farklı İş Çevrimlerinin Etkilerinin İncelenmesi

Fe-W kaplama, Korozyon oranı, Scherrer Denklemi, Nodüler morfoloji, İş çevrimi

Investigation of the Effects of Different Duty Cycles on Fe-W Alloy Coatings Produced by Electrodeposition Method

In this study, electrodeposition Fe-W coating was applied. When Wolfram is compared in terms of mechanical properties, it has a harder structure than steel and shows high resistance to temperatures. Due to these properties, it will be a preferred coating in industrial applications. Aluminum was preferred as the coated substrate. The reason for this is that Aluminum performs very poorly in terms of corrosion resistance. As a result of the corrosion tests with Fe-W coating, this problem has been significantly eliminated. Different electrodeposition values were used during the coating. The deposition temperature played an important role in crystallization. As a result of characterization tests, images were taken at 3000 magnifications to see the surface morphology in obtaining SEM images. It was observed that granular morphology was formed as a result of the image. As a result of the Tafel polarization analysis, it was observed that the corrosion rate decreased to approximately 5mpy with increasing Ton time.


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