Reassessment of Mentha Species from Kunhar River Catchment Using Morphological and Molecular Markers

Mentha specimens collected from Kunhar River catchment of Hazara region were analyzed through numerical and molecular markers. For numerical analysis twenty two traits were used. Dendrogram analysis of morphological traits assorted the 25 Mentha collections into 4 groups viz, Group-A, B, C and D. Group-A showed 98% similarity (M. longifolia). Group-B showed 98% similarity (M. spicata). Group-C showed 92% similarity (M. arvensis) and Group-D showed 89% similarity (M. royleana). Molecular analyses were carried out through 11 RAPD primers. Primers amplification revealed high level of genetic diversity (0-100%) existed among the Mentha genotypes. Dendrogram analyses based upon the genetic distance estimates conferred the cluster analysis of the morphological traits. Furthermore, the variations among populations of M. royleana need further elaboration through additional marker assisted discrimination for establishing their taxonomic status.


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