Analysis of architectural design processes in the interaction cycle of property, real property, and urban transformation: The example of Kocaeli

Property rights, which can be defined as an abstract concept that bears mean-ings on sharing the world we live in, differ from one social context to another. Property rights also depict a set of legal frameworks that designate mutual under-standing between citizens and define responsibilities which are subject to regula-tion by public agencies. In today’s world, key issues like “urban transformation” lead to complex property rights issues in the context of spatial intervention pro-cesses. When we look at decisions taken by the European Court of Human Rights, we see that “property right issues” rank second among the total applications. Also legal frameworks that cover issues on property rights span to more than 30 legal acts, regulations that cover thousands of pages, and legal notices of several kinds. Such an intense legal framework constitutes a huge complexity in the context of urban transformation.


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