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Trump's First Steps in Energy Policies
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Öz Contrary to the predictions made by many experts, Trump, who was also supported by large oil cartels, was elected as the new US president. This election’s was not only limited to the US, but also like a reflection in the US of different changes happening simultaneously in Europe and globally. In other words, it was already on the verge of a significant change in the world (Brexit was one of those markers.). The US also needed an appropriate president for this process; therefore, it chose a change. After the US (especially under the management of many European countries, such as France and Germany), various changes in the world could be expected in turn.The results of the election, along with the old enemies that the US handed over during the Obama era, many governments, especially those who are notable members of the EU, followed with concern. Though, this anxiety reflected in the international public (as it can be perceived as a sign of significant changes in global politics), it was also important that the perceptions of the entrenched perceptions should not be at the level of generating resources to inconsistent conspiracy theories.

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Trumps energy Policies
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