Öz Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a chronic metabolic disease characterized with various complications due to its damage on many organs. One of the most common complications of DM is testicular damage. Therefore, it is necessary to start a treatment agent promptly during this process which may lead to infertility. There are treatment steps that seriously prolong the process of complications of this dangerous disease. However, there are some contradictions in numerous studies conducted regarding which agent the treatment should continue with according to the stage of the diabetes in the patient. In this context, examining the functions of male reproductive system may prevent these contradictions in the future.  In this study, 2 groups were used; one of them consisted of the healthy rats and the other consisted of the ones that became diabetes by induction of streptozotocin. The animals of both groups were fed under the same sheltering conditions and testicle tissues of both groups were evaluated under light microscope. As a result of histomorphological examination of testicular tissues, the pathologies such as impaired integrity of the seminiferous tubules especially in the testicles of diabetic rats, the separation of germinal epithelium cells from connective tissue and from each other and the presence of prominent necrosis focuses in spermatogenic cells were found to be noteworthy. In this study, it has been evaluated that cellular pathological changes are clearly revealed under the microscope. It is believed that the results of the study will contribute to the clinical studies regarding the treatment and may shed light on research at molecular level.


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