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Some physico-mechanical properties of carrot (Daucus carota L.), cherry belle (Rhaphanus sativus L.) and nigella (Nigella sativa L.) seeds coated with pellets
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Öz Seed growing has recently become significantlyimportant in agriculture. Preparing the seeds to coat for plantation and usingthe coated seeds for plantation has brought about new perspectives in farming.Shape, size and one thousand seeds mass are among the most effective criteriafor the success of seed coating. In this study; cherry belle, carrot andnigella seeds which have different sizes and shapes together with one thousandseeds mass and seedling emergence were studied. For this purpose, a seedcoating equipment was designed, produced and analyzed through a horizontallyshaped boiler. In the designed equipment, the seeds were coated in the form ofapproximately 2 mm diameter in order to pellet accordance with the ISTA norms.As the results of the performed tests show that; cherry belle was coated %99,nigella seed %99 and carrot seed %97. As for the seedling emergence; cherrybelle germinated %95, nigella seed %17 and carrot %75. The results of theanalysis indicate that the types of the seeds used in the test can be achievedby pneumatic plantation machine. But the nigella seeds did not show enoughseedling emergence. It should be noted that carrots and nigella seeds aren’tspherical. If carrots and nigella seeds are pelleted, the sphericity willincrease up to 40-60%. By pelleting seeds their physico-mechanical propertieswill be more homogeneous.

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Seed, coating with pellet, cherry belle, carrot, nigella, seedling emergence
Açıkgöz, N., Aktaş, M.E., Moghaddam, A. Özcan, K. 1993.“TARİST PC’ler için İstatistik ve Kantitatif Genetik Paketi” Uluslararası Bilgisayar Uygulamaları Sempozyumu 133, s. 19–10, Konya.
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