Correlating Rate of Penetration with the Weigth on Bit, Rotation per Minute, Flow Rate and Mud Weight of Rotary Drilling

Correlating Rate of Penetration with the Weigth on Bit, Rotation per Minute, Flow Rate and Mud Weight of Rotary Drilling

In this study, the effect of some drilling parameters, rotation per minute, weight on bit, flow rate and mud weight on rate of penetration, were investigated in detail. As a result, the rate of penetration was found between 1,79m/h and 14,80m/h, which have a good statistical relationship with the rotation per minute, flow rate and mud weight. On the other hand, it was determined that there was no any relationship between rate of penetration and weight on bit.


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APA Erdoğan, Y. , Yıldız, M. İ. & Kök, O. E. (2018). Correlating Rate of Penetration with the Weigth on Bit, Rotation per Minute, Flow Rate and Mud Weight of Rotary Drilling . Natural and Engineering Sciences , 3 (3) , 378-385 . DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.469298
Natural and Engineering Sciences
  • ISSN: 2458-8989
  • Yayın Aralığı: Yılda Yılda 4 Sayı
  • Yayıncı: Cemal TURAN


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