Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion solely with peek cages ın multilevel cervical spondylotic radiculomyelopathy: single center clinical experience with 58 consecutive patients

Aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of fusion solely with polyetheretherketone (PEEK) cages without plates and autogenous bone graft to provide fusion in multilevel cervical spondylosis in selected cases. 58 patients with cervical discogenic disorders in 3-4 levels (38 and 20 patients respectively) underwent multilevel anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) operations with PEEK cages for a total of 194 levels. Minimum follow up was 24 months postoperatively. Outcome had been established in combination with the evaluation of cervical lordosis, fusion rates and neurological improvement that was assessed by Japanese Orthopedic Association (JOA) scoring system. They were assessed by radiographs, computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging studies. Clinical outcomes were based on the issues including length of hospital stay, blood loss, complication rates and functional outcomes. 38 patients underwent three-level, 20 patients underwent four-level operations. Fusion rate was 89.2%. Significant improvement in the JOA scores was recorded postoperatively, and Ishihara Curvature Index (ICI) was preserved. In the follow-up period, no cage migration was experienced and reoperation was not required except for one who later underwent corpectomy and anterior fusion. ACDF with the use of PEEK cages without plates proved to yield good clinical outcome and comfortable postoperative course for the patients with acceptable fusion rates


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