Muhammed İkbal'in Islahat Projesinde İnsanın Kaderi Problemi

Öz Muhammad Iqbal is regarded as a prominent thinker of last century in Islamic World.In his philosophy he was an activist one, and the concept of ?ego? with its connotationshas a fundamental place in that philosophy. In his reconstruction of religious thoughthe set aside a distinctive place for a ?muslim man? with his ?ego?. Dynamism lies bothin his individual and societial understanding as well as universe. These dynamismapplies in theoretical frame to basic concept of theology which leads to philosophicaltheism of Iqbal.

Kaynak Göster

ISNAD Kaplan, İbrahim . "Muhammed İkbal'in Islahat Projesinde İnsanın Kaderi Problemi". KADER Kelam Araştırmaları Dergisi 1 / 1 (Ocak 2009): 0-88 .