Kelamcıların Din Anlayışına Eleştirel Bir Yaklaşım

Öz ?Religious understanding? has a fundamental part in shaping one?s perception ofhimself and universe. This concept, also, gives its members a point of view throughwhich the members of other faith are seen and approached. Throughout the history,we as muslims have witnessed how our religious understanding made us behaveagainst those who did not share with us the same opinions as the mere ?others?.Muslim Theologians or Mutakallimun are no exception in thi frame. So a historicaland critical evaluation to their approach seems e necessity.

Kaynak Göster

ISNAD Özdemir, Metin . "Kelamcıların Din Anlayışına Eleştirel Bir Yaklaşım". KADER Kelam Araştırmaları Dergisi 1 / 1 (Ocak 2009): 0-70 .