Dinde Evrenselin Yerele Karşı Mücadelesi

Öz Religion creates multiple identities in diverse geographical and cultural milieu. On the lands surmounted by early warriors, Muslim met various cults and cultures. The people with these new elements did of course not easily submit themselves to the new comers and to their religion. Naturally novel identities came up with this new interconnection and interdependence. With its relation to these cultures, Islam created different identities that have common religious values as all Muslims have on the one hand, but carried distinct cultural and local traits on the other. This is one of the distinctive characteristics of Islam that has not forced people to leave all their culture behind in order to be part of Muslim identity. The following essay canvasses these multiple identities and presents an analysis of the resistance of universal elements within Islam against locals.

Kaynak Göster

ISNAD Düzgün, Şaban . "Dinde Evrenselin Yerele Karşı Mücadelesi". KADER Kelam Araştırmaları Dergisi 8 / 1 (Ocak 2010): 1-12 .