Emergency cesarean in a patient with atrial septal defect

It is a common fact that thousands of mothers die because of pregnancy around the world each year. A comprehensive antepartum screening is of prime importance for the reduction of maternal mortality. Heart diseases are a major cause of maternal mortality. Atrial septal defect is the most common acyanotic congenital heart disease. A 22-year- old primiparous woman at 38 weeks of gestation applied to the gynecology department with palpitations and excessive fatigue. Atrial septal defect was detected in the cardiology outpatient clinic. Due to fetal distress, emergency cesarean section (C-section) was performed under spinal anesthesia. The patient developed acute -onset hypotension and respiratory distress. In this report, we present a case with Atrial septal defekt that underwent emergency C-section due to fetal distress.


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