Diseases and Mortality Incidences of Calves Born from Imported Brown Swiss and Simmental Heifers in Western Anatolian Conditions

The purpose of this study was to find the disease and mortality incidences of calves born from pregnant Brown Swiss and Simmental heifers imported from Austria in newly established dairy cattle farm in Manisa province and determine the effect of breed, sex, calving type and calving position on calf health. The study material consisted of the 180-days health records of 62 Brown Swiss and 266 Simmental calves born alive from the pregnant Brown Swiss and Simmental heifers imported from Innsbruck Austria. The first calving of heifers was between June and December. Calves’ mortality rates in 180-days period were 3.23% for Brown Swiss and 4.89% for Simmentals; 5.39% for males and 3.73% for females; 3.14% for assisted born, 9.38% for difficult born and 3.81% for spontaneous born calves. Calves’ most common health problems were digestion, respiratory and foot diseases. It was found that calving position had a significant effect on digestion problems and dystocia complications. Treatment was more successful in Brown Swiss, female, twin and spontaneous born calves.


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