Percutaneous Treatment of Carotid Artery Stenoses with Stents: A Single Center Experience

Objectives: The effectiveness of carotid artery stenting for primary and sec-ondary prevention of ischemic stroke has been demonstrated in many stud-ies. In this study, we aimed to present the characteristics and post-procedur-al clinical outcomes of the patients admitted to our clinic with severe carotid artery disease and revascularized by carotid artery stenting with distal em-bolic protection system.Materials and Methods: This study was a single center retrospective study. Between Jan 2015 and May 2017 patients undergoing carotid artery stenting procedure were included in the study. Symptomatic cases with more than 50% stenosis and asymptomatic patients with more than 70% carotid steno-sis were included. Results: Twenty-five patients were included in the study. 68% of patients were male with a mean age of 69.3 ± 15.7 years. 92% of patients were symptomatic. In all patients, distal embolic protection devices and self-expandable carotid stents were used. All procedures were performed successfully. No mortality or myocardial infarction was observed in any of the patients in whom carot-id artery stenting was applied successfully. Five complications were seen re-lated to the procedure. One patient had air embolism, one patient had tran-sient ischemic attack, one patient had stroke, one patient had symptomatic nodal rhythm and the last patient had hyper-perfusion syndrome.Conclusion: Carotid artery stenting is being successfully applied with ac-ceptable complication rates in experienced centers.


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