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Yıl 2010 , Cilt 3 , Sayı 12

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Peace education as a toll for effective conflict management in nigerian work organisation

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Dept. of Industrial Relations & Public Administrations Faculty of Management Science Lagos State University.1
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The study examined the concept of peace education in relation to conflict management in Nigerian work organizations. With the use of archival method, it was established that conflict is on the increase in Nigerian industries and it is largely due to the inability of employers and employees to handle conflict effectively. The inability of the two parties was traced to the wrong perception, which both parties have for each other especially during conflict situation. The need to change the orientation and perception of the two actors was therefore identified, thus peace education was offered as the antidote. It was specifically suggested that for peace education to have any chance of success in Nigerian industries, government at all levels, employers of labour in the organized private sector as well as higher institutions and training institutes in Nigeria must be involved in the peace education programme. It is believed that by so doing, the actors of industrial relations system in Nigeria would be able to acquire the knowledge, skill and attitudes required to have sustainable industrial peace in Nigerian work organizations.

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