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The Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies

Yıl 2009 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 1

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Three reading phases and their applications in the teaching of english as a foreign language in reading classes with young learners

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Gaziantep University The Department of English Language and Literatures1, The Department of English Language and Literatures in Gaziantep University2
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Most foreign language reading specialists view reading as interactive. To encourage students to use effective strategies when reading in a foreign language, the teacher can develop simple exercises to elicit information via targeted strategies. These exercises can be divided by the stage of reading at which they occur such as pre-reading, while reading activities and so on. This study aims to clarify in what sense there is awareness about reading phases, their activities and their applications in language classrooms. The findings discussed and compared with each other in order to reach a general opinion. This present study has focused on the effects of reading techniques applied during three reading phases on reading comprehension. Specifically, the study also attempted to measure to what degree application of different reading activities affect the reading performance of the same-level subjects and the three testing points of reading comprehension.A

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