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Kadın / Woman 2000

Yıl 2004 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 1

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The practice of marriage and the social status of tahtacı woman

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Erciyes Üniversitesi 1
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This is a fieldwork made among Tahtacıs who live in the region of Mersin. During this fieldwork, participation, interview and observation methods were used for data collecting. Tahtacıs are the grandchildren of the A¤açeri Turkomans. They live in isolated mountainous areas and engage in woodcutting; while they practice endogamy and monogamy marriage system which is the characteristic of the closed society. The Tahtacı family also having the characteristic of an extended family has a patriarchal structure. The Tahtacıs, who are one part of the Anatolian Alevis, are a society with their own typical traditions and beliefs. They are accepted to be the most important representative of the Anatolian Alevis as they still keep alive the belief and practices of contemporary Anatolian Alevis. In this study, the social status of Tahtacı woman, the family structure and their marriage ceremonies have been investigated.

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