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Kadın / Woman 2000

Yıl 2000 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 1

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Stories of sevinç çokum in view of woman's sensitivity

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The increasing number of women authors in Turkish literature after 1970 introduced new concept of "women literature" and "women authors" in Turkish contemporary literature studies. This brought some new discussions whether there could be a distinct topic such as women literature and led the critics to make inquiries about the main interest of the women authors. Meanwhile discussions on these topics were carried on by critiques, women authors continued to publish their works in increasing numbers. The recent women authors claim to be considered as women authors of the Turkish literature rather then being members of the women literature. They also defended the existence of feminine motifs in their works merely deriving from life experiences. It is for these reasons that a new concept as the "women's sensitivity in literature" was preferred to the concept of "women literature" by the majority of these authors. Sevinç Çokum, who is an author defending these criteria, made her debut to the Turkish literature in 1970. The motifs revealing the women's position in the Turkish social life is reflected as a combination of woman and society. The position of women in the working environment, marriage relations, divorces and questioning the time past at old age, are taking place as part of the women's life cycle. The author thinks that these problems are in fact their own social problems and she tries to answer these through the sensitivity of a woman. Sevinç Çokum believes that a woman had to gain her financial independence so as to get her own personal independence. But it is clearly reflected in her works that the transition of woman from domestic life to working life is not an easy task. This will cause her to be in conflicting mind mainly because of her unconscious behaviors merely based on her traditional growth and her own nature.

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