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Kadın / Woman 2000

Yıl 2004 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 1

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Reşat nuri güntekin's teachers and çalıkuşu case

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Reflat Nuri Güntekin, one of the authors who is related to education, produced his works mainly during the Republican Period. His essays, criticisms, short stories, novels and dramas were read with great interest by the first generation of the Republican Period and they are still being read and analyzed. He produced mainly “novels”. The novels of Reflat Nuri Güntekin, display a wide variety and richness of themes, patterns, characters, time and plot. In his novels we encounter children, youngsters, old people, officers, soldiers, bureaucrats, workers, peasants -in short, all kinds of people from almost every section of the society- together with their hopes, dreams and disappointments that they have felt confronting at the harsh realities of the world. Undoubtedly a significant part of the heroes that he has narrated in his novels are “teachers”. He wrote mostly novels. Reflat Nuri Güntekin has characterised narrated teachers in some of his novels. One of them is Çal›kuflu. In Çal›kuflu there is a teacher whose name is Feride. She is an orphan. Feride completed her education in Notre Dame de Sion College in Istanbul. After she had completed her educationshe went to Anatolia and worked in villages, small towns and cities as a teacher. She loved teaching so much and taught the students and villagers well. She was a devoted teacher. After this novel, many young girls have taken Feride as a model and wanted to be a teacher like her.

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