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Journal Of Global Strategic Management

Yıl 2007 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 1

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The study of performance appraisal and compensation in estonian public and private universities

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University of Tartu1
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The performance appraisal is a process aimed at determining the results of employee's work. Performance appraisal is regarded as the main component of performance management, which is a much broader concept than performance appraisal. The main purpose of performance management is to create suitable conditions for strategic management and to increase effectiveness of the company. The present paper aims to compare performance appraisal and compensation policies and systems in universities. The first section of the paper is an introduction of literature on performance appraisal and compensation in educational institutions. The paper starts with a literature overview on performance appraisal and compensation in educational institutions. The experiences of European and North American universities are discussed. The theoretical framework in opening section will rely on research articles from leading management journals. The second section of the paper deals with the general features of performance appraisal and compensation systems in Estonian universities. In this section mostly qualitative comparison is used, however, some quantitative measures will be provided as well. The paper uses several sources of both secondary data and primary data, and the empirical analysis is based on survey responses. The author of the paper discusses what implications this study has on the theory and on the appraisal management in the universities. In addition to suggestions for improvements also limitations of the results will be addressed. The analysis process of the performance management system was carried out in two stages. First of all we implemented document analysis and questionnaires, which enabled us to establish the specifics of the performance management system. After that we carried out the individual interviews and the group interviews. The group interviews (focus interviews) were conducted in the groups of five lecturers and concentrated on the most important problems and issues. The focus interview approach was very successful as it enabled us to view the problems from different standpoints and gave better mutual understanding between lecturers as it took into consideration everyone's interests.

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