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Journal of Economic and Social Studies

Yıl 2013 , Cilt 3 , Sayı 2

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Unit root properties of energy consumption and production in turkey

Yazar kurumları :
Dicle University1, Ataturk University2, Meliksah University3
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This study analyzes unit root properties of total and sectorial energy production and consumption series of turkey. This study is the first to analyze unit root properties of turkish energy production and consumption in detail. The unit root analysis of energy production and consumption are tested by using unit root tests based on lM considering without structural break and with one and two structural breaks. According to unit root test without structural break, the unit root hypothesis is rejected only for consumption of natural gas. The unit root hypothesis is rejected for 15 out of the 33 series by the lstest with one structural break. When unit root test with two structural breaks are conducted, 25 out of the 33 series are found to be stationary around a deterministic trend. The production of hydraulic and the consumption of lignite, electricity, petroleum, coal and electricity, total energy and petroleum consumption in transportation sector are found to be nonstationary, which indicates that the impacts of innovations on these variables will be permanent. The policy implication of the results suggests that the impacts of shocks on energy consumption and production will be temporary and not have a long memory for most of variables.

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