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Journal of Economic and Social Studies

Yıl 2013 , Cilt 3 , Sayı 2

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Government expenditure on nomadic education in nigeria: implications for achieving the millennium development goals

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Benue State University1
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The paper examines government expenditure on nomadic education in nigeria and the implications for achieving the MdGs. secondary data were used and the data were analyzed with the aid of descriptive statistics. The study revealed that government expenditure on nomadic education in nigeria over time has been on the increase which has necessitated the increase in the number of nomadic schools and teachers in the country. The study further found out that there is a wide gap between male and female enrolments in nomadic schools in nigeria; factors such as early marriages and teenage pregnancies, cultural and religious biases as well as economic issues were believed to be responsible for the gap. Also, it was discovered that the total increase in nomads’ enrolments in nomadic schools in the country is not proportionate with the increase in government expenditure on nomadic education. The study attributed this low school attendance by the nomads to the problems of under-funding, dearth of teachers, constant migration of nomads, the involvement of the children of nomads in the productive system, corruption, among others. The study concluded that the present form of implementation of the nomadic education would make it difficult for it to be a panacea for achieving the MdGs in the country. recommendations were made on how to improve on the nomadic education system in the country.

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