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European Journal of Physics Education

Yıl 2011 , Cilt 2 , Sayı 1

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Perceptions of the students toward studio physics

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University of Dokuz Eylul1, Torbali Technical School of Higher Education2
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The purpose of this study was not only to report the development process of the studio model, but also to determine the students’ perceptions about the studio model. This model retains the large lecture component but combines recitation and laboratory instruction into studio model. This research was based on qualitative analysis. The data of the study was collected with survey and interview done about studio model during two semesters in Colorado School of Mines, U.S. The results of the study showed that the students found the interactive-engagement method of learning physics to be a positive experience. They liked the integration of homework and laboratory activities, working in groups, and having the opportunity to interact, individually, with lecturers. In short, the teaching-learning method presented here, studio model had made a positive impact on students’ perceptions about the physics course.

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