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Yıl 2010 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 2

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A new framework to extract knowledge by text mining tools

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Department of Business and Law University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”1
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Nowadays, enterprises are invaded from a large amount of unstructured information in textual documents, web-pages, e-mails, chats, forums, blogs. In recent years the number of documents available in electronic form, has grown almost exponentially. Therefore it's important use a technological platform to extract and manage useful knowledge for business goals. The goal of the knowledge management is to provide, in all corporate levels, in the right format, the right information at the right time. The aim of this paper is the presentation of a new framework to manage unstructured knowledge by text mining technology. With text mining tools, we can obtain high performances and discover interesting hidden relationships among business data. Text mining technology uses semantic engine and artificial intelligence algorithms to mine, extract and classify the knowledge. The knowledge extracted is useful for Business Intelligence tools used from top manager in the strategic planning.

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