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Applied Research in English Language

Yıl 2013 , Cilt 2 , Sayı 2

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The effects of captioning texts and caption ordering on l2 listening comprehension and vocabulary learning

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Assistant Professor, Shahrekord University1, MA Graduate, Shahrekord University2
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This study investigated the effects of captioned texts on second/foreign (L2) listening comprehension and vocabulary gains using a computer multimedia program. Additionally, it explored the caption ordering effect (i.e. captions displayed during the first or second listening), and the interaction of captioning order with the L2 proficiency level of language learners in listening comprehension and vocabulary performance. To these ends, a computer software program was designed and 200 EFL learners (100 high-intermediate and 100 low-intermediate level students) were asked to participate in the experiment. They were randomly assigned into four groups: captioned (listening to texts twice with captions), noncaptioned (listening to texts twice without captions), first captioned (listening to texts first with captions and then without captions), and second captioned (listening to texts first without captions and then with captions) groups. They listened to four audio texts (i.e. short stories) twice and took the listening and vocabulary tests, administered through the software. Results from t-tests and two-way ANOVAs showed that the captioned stories were more effective than the non-captioned ones. Moreover, the caption ordering had no significant effect on the participants' L2 listening comprehension and vocabulary performance. Finally, L2 proficiency level differences did not affect performance derived from caption ordering. 

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