IoT based Smart Home Testbed using MQTT Communication Protocol

Technology is developing day by day in the world. In addition, developing technologies bring innovations and conveniences to all areas of life. However, ensuring the continuity of these innovations brought by technology reveals different problems. Smart home approach, which increases the quality of human living areas, is one of the most popular working subjects of recent times. In a smart home, built with the Internet of Things technology products, it is very important that the sensors and control devices communicate in a safer way and work in a coordinated manner to ensure the ecosystem's continuity in a safer way. In this study, an IoT based smart home testbed was realized by using MQTT communication protocol which one of the most used IoT communication protocols. With the developed system, the control of the smart home and the operating performance of the system were controlled with the mobile application. The results obtained in the light of the data provided by the test show that the system developed with the MQTT communication protocol can successfully ensure data flow and control in Smart Home applications.


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Kaynak Göster