Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma: Distant Metastasis as an Unusual Sole Initial Manifestation

Objective: The objective of this study was to identify the characteristic features of patients with distant metastasis as the only manifestation of well-differentiated thyroid cancers and to analyze the treatment outcomes. Methods: A retrospective review of all patients with well-differentiated thyroid cancers and distant metastasis as the sole initial presentation was carried out. Data regarding age, gender, tumor histology, site, symptoms, and treatment outcomes were collected. Results: There were 10 patients who presented with distant metastasis as the only presentation. The mean age was 56.1 years. Eight (80%) patients had osseous metastasis, one (10%) had pulmonary and one (10%) had both. Follicular thyroid carcinoma was more common and seen in six (60%) patients. Seven (77.8%) out of nine patients had demised within five years of initial presentation. Conclusion: Distant metastases without a neck lump as the initial presentation of welldifferentiated thyroid cancers are extremely rare. No specific guidelines are available to manage such patients due to lack of relevant data in the literature.


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