Ureteric diverticulum: A diagnostic challenge

Ureteric diverticulum is a rare urological condition with only 47 cases described in the literature till 2013. A full term female infant presented with a huge cystic lump occupying almost the entire right side of the abdomen at 1 month of age. Ultrasonography and Magnetic Resonance Urography (MRU) revealed right sided gross hydronephrosis with pelvis appeared folded onto itself along with left sided mild hydronephrosis. On EC scan, differential function of right sided kidney was 0.9%. With working diagnosis of right sided giant hydronephrosis secondary to pelviureteric junction obstruction, the child was posted for Anderson - Hynes pyeloplasty through right flank incision. On exploration we were surprised to find ureteric diverticula. Excision of ureteric diverticulum with proximal ureterostomy was done. Distal part of ureter was transfixed. Histopathological examination of diverticulum showed presence of fibromuscular wall suggestive of true diverticulum. Since ureterostomy was draining only few drops of clear fluid and on repeat EC scan there was no improvement in function of right kidney, right nephroureterectomy was done after 6 months


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