Ectopic adrenal tissue of spermatic cord in a 3- year- old boy, an incidental finding during orchidopexy: A case report

Ectopic adrenal tissue is usually found in kidney and retroperitoneum, yet other locations are considered uncommon. Spermatic cord remains one of the sites where this entity is mostly incidentally found during surgical procedure in childhood. Macroscopically, it represents as yellowish, lipomatous nodule. We present a case of ectopic adrenal tissue of spermatic cord in a 3- year- old boy, found during orchidopexy of the right testicle. Histopathological analysis of the spermatic cord nodule revealed adrenal cortical tissue composed of zona fasciculata cells. Although usually being benign and asymptomatic, cases of hyperplasia, adenoma and carcinoma arising from ectopic adrenal tissue have been reported. Therefore, removal of this tissue, when detected, is recommended.


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