Amyand's hernia complicated with acute appendicitis: case report and literature review

Amyand's hernia complicated with acute appendicitis: case report and literature review

Amyand‘s hernia is the presence of the appendix within an inguinal hernia sac. It is rare condition. occurring in 1% of inguinal hernia patients. The clinical presentation varies depending on the extent of appendix inflammation. Aniyand's hernia is difficult to diagnose clinically. However. imaging studies are valuable for both its diagnosis and detection of the associated complications. Here. we report case of Amyand's hernia in 3-year-old male child who presented with history of right inguinal tenderness. pain. and swelling. An operation revealed hernia sac containing the inflamed appendix: hence. an appendectomy was performed along with right inguinal herniotonly.


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