Acute scrotal swelling caused by scrotal suppurative appendicitis in a young infant: A case report

A 70d old infant who had reducible bilateral inguinal hernia was found to have acute bilateral scrotal swelling, erythema and tenderness without intestinal obstruction. Radiography and ultrasonography studies detected right side inguinoscrotal hernia. With a diagnosis of strangulated inguinal hernia on right side, exploration was done. Amyand's hernia and acute scrotal appendicitis were found. Appendectomy, bilateral inguinal herniotomy and scrotal fixation of testes were done. Scrotal appendicitis is an exceptionally rare cause of acute scrotum in young infants. Scrotal manifestations and scrotal complications of acute appendicitis in children are reviewed. This case stresses the need for emergency exploration of acute scrotum in which there is diagnostic dilemma


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