Teaching approach for START triage in disaster management

Disaster is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a sudden phenomenon of sufficient magnitude to overwhelm the resources of a hospital, region, or location requiring external support. Therefore, we aim to look into START Triage for both medical students and new physicians face in the recognition, diagnosis and management of primary survey in trauma patients. START Triage newly as a part of primary survey requiring urgent tools in disaster ER management, So Emergency Physicians needs teaching protocol of START Triage. Appropriate approach of START Triage by training protocol to Emergency Physicians. Based to practice gap for preventive death and adverse long-term complications of major disaster. START Triage guidelines are the processes of sorting the patients; it is a dynamic process aim to identify life threating conditions from cases that not require urgent transfer and intervention. START triage use 4 colors codding approach black for dead, red for immediate, green for walking and yellow for remaining cases.


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