Investigation of the effect of Cr2O3-2 % TiO2 coating on braking performance

Öz The brake discs of the new generation vehicles operate with very high speed and tough braking conditions. Therefore, high performance in braking is essential in terms of human and vehicle safety. In vehicles, the braking performance criterion is to control the speed of the vehicle safely without causing a mechanical failure. During a braking process in a moving vehicle, an excessive abrasion occurs. The aim of this study was to investigate the performance of the brake disc coated with Cr2O3-2%TiO2 (Metco106F) composite powder by using the plasma coating method to increase the abrasion resistance of automobile brake disc. The braking test was performed according to the SAEJ2430 braking test standard. The microstructure, hardness, wear and braking performance characteristics of the coating were investigated. Our results showed that the coated disc exhibited better wear resistance than the uncoated disc under the different wear mechanisms at high temperatures. The obtained coefficient of friction revealed that the coated disc showed better braking performance.


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