Investigation of the presence of pregnancy rhinitis in the third trimester with rhinomanometry

Aim: Pregnancy rhinitis (PR) is characterized with nasal symptoms during pregnancy without any signs of respiratory infection and it usually disappears within 2 weeks after delivery. We aimed to investigate the relationship between pregnancy rhinitis and findings derived from anterior rhinoscopy (AnR), anterior rhinomanometry (ARM) and subjective nasal obstruction score (SNOS). Methods: This prospective, controlled study was performed in otorhinolaryngology and obstetrics and gynecology departments of our tertiary care center. A total of 30 pregnant women in the third trimester and 30 non-pregnant women were involved. All participants underwent otorhinolaryngology examination, as well as clinical evaluation for AnR, ARM and SNOS. Results: Pregnancy rhinitis was detected in 66.7% of the pregnant women. The mean AnR was 3.60 ± 1.35 in pregnant women and 0.77 ± 0.73 in the control group. Total nasal inspiratory resistance (TNID) was 0.46±0.23 in pregnant women and 0.27±0.06 in the control group. The mean SNOS was 1.37±0.72 in pregnant women and 0.57±0.63 in the control group. AnR, ARM and SNOS findings were significantly higher in pregnant women (p


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