Early embryonic and larval development of Indian catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis

Mevcut çalismada; Hint kedi baligi, Heteropneustes fossilis'in embriyonik ve larval gelisimini, döllenmeden metamorfoza kadar arastirilmistir. Yapay döllenme yoluyla tam olgunlasmis yumurta ve spermler elde edilmistir. Döllenmis yumurtalar; demersal, yapiskan olmayan, küresel ve kahverenkli idiler. Döllenmis yumurtalarin ortalama çaplari 1.30 ila 1.50 mm arasinda degiskenlik arzetmekteydi. Kuluçka periyodu, ortalama 29±1°C sicaklikta 23-24 saatti. Yumurtadan yeni çikan larvalarin boyu 2.5±0.2 mm idi. Yumurtadan çiktiktan sonra yumurta sarisinin absorbe edilmesi üç gün içinde tamamlandi. Larvanin hava soluma davranisi yumurtadan çikistan 10 gün sonra gözlendi. Larvalar yumurtadan çiktiktan sonra 20 gün içerisinde, dis özellikler bakimindan yetiskinlere benzediler ve genç juvenillere metamorfoze oldular.

Hint Kedi Balığı, Heteropneustes fossilis'de erken embriyonik ve larval gelişim

The present study investigated the embryonic and larval development of Indian catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis from fertilization until metamorphosis. The fully matured eggs and sperm were obtained by artificial insemination. The fertilized eggs were demersal, non- adhesive, spherical, and brownish green in color. The average diameter of the fertilized eggs ranged from 1.30 to 1.50 mm. The incubation period was from 23-24 h at an average temperature of 29±1°C. The newly hatched larvae were 2.5±0.2 mm in length. The yolk absorption was completed within three d after hatching. The aerial breathing behaviour of the larvae was observed 10 d after hatching. The larva resembled the adult in its external features and was metamorphosed to young juveniles within 20 d post-hatching.


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