4. International COVID-19 and Current Issues Congress

KONGRE TARİHİ30 Temmuz - 31 Temmuz 2021


KONGRE WEB SİTESİmultidisciplinarycovidcongress.com


Dear Scientists and Participants,

On July 30-31, 2021, Hifo-DER (Association for Struggle with Hypophosphatasia Disease) will hold a congress titled International COVID-19 and Current Issues in partnership with Ankara University, Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, and Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences.

In this regard, we invite scientists and researchers to contribute to our congress with their original academic studies.

Associated with the global economic, health, social, and environmental problems created by the COVID-19 pandemic, which rapidly affected the whole world, a new order where the concept of “normal” is being questioned has begun. In this order in which we try to adapt to new norms in order to create sustainability in a global dimension and in every field, we aim to contribute by creating a situation where the contributions of you valuable scientists will be discussed. For this reason, we aim to hold a congress with the valuable contributions of scientists who observe, research, and analyze the fields of change in the new order. Our congress, which will accept the papers of researchers who want to contribute to their research in this regard, will be held online via ZOOM.

Abstracts or full texts of the papers presented at the congress will be published electronically in the Congress Proceedings Book. Besides, selected papers will be published as a COVID 19 International Book Section.