Structural analysis of reinforced concrete mansard roof structures according to different structural plans

In this study, analysis and evaluations were carried in order to determine the optimum condi-tions of reinforced concrete mansard roof applications. In total 96 mansard and 24 non mansard structure analysis were performed. The constructed models are symmetrical from all directions and it is modeled under the minimum conditions allowed by the regulation. As the column span, the distance between the columns was determined as 4 meters. The span conditions were de-termined as 3 spans, 4 spans, 5 spans and 6 spans by evaluating the parcel sizes and zoning conditions. Thus, a total of 120 calculation models were created. The base shear force, column moments and the maximum top displacement values were discussed in concordance with these calculations. As a result of the analysis, the graphical values of the mansard buildings were ex-amined along with the non mansard buildings from the 3rd floor to the 8th floor, according to the zoning plan. In this study, graphs of parcels, span values and the number of storeys were drawn by keeping the values constant, and evaluations were made on the same graphs with and non mansard. In addition, by looking at the movements of the graphs obtained from this study on the same series, equations were adapted to the graphs and the series created with these equations were expanded and stochastic parabolic cones were formed at the shear force for 10 storeys, in the column moments. The mean values for the top displacement chart were taken and when the 20-storey displacement value was placed on this curve, it was determined that it appeared at a point very close to the estimating equation curve. Based on the analysis results, it is understood that it is possible to create a set of estimations for different number of storeys and plans.


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Kaynak Göster