Seasonal and spatial variations in dust deposition rate and concentrations of dust-borne heavy metals, a case study from Isfahan, central Iran

This study reports the seasonal and spatial variations of atmospheric dust deposition rates (DDR) and dust-borne heavy metals concentrations in the city of Isfahan and its surrounding areas in central Iran. Dust samples were collected from 67 different sites on a monthly basis from June 2012 to May 2013 and topsoil samples were taken only once from the same sites. Fall and winter seasons exhibited the lowest DDR due to the higher precipitation while the highest rate was observed in the summer season. The northern and central parts of the desert land in the study area recorded the highest annual DDR with a mean value of 61.24 ton km2 year1. Seasonal distribution of dust-borne heavy metals concentrations showed that almost all the elements followed the trend winter > fall spring > summer. Spatial distributions of dust-borne Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, and Zn almost followed the same pattern with highest concentrations in the western stretches of the studyarea and in the city of Isfahan. The highest concentration of Hg and As were observed in the urban and desert rural areas. Cr recorded its highest concentration in the urban areawhile dust-borne Co exhibited a fairly uniform distribution over the whole studyarea. Results of crustal enrichment factor (EFc) analysis showed that anthropogenic sources contribute a substantial amount of all studied elements in dust particles rather than crustal origin. Fossil fuel, vehicle traffic, and industrial activities seem to be the most important anthropogenic factors responsible for dust elemental pollution in the study area.


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