Mid-term radiological and clinical results of incomplete triple pelvic osteotomy

Objective: The aim of this study was to assess clinical and radiological results of incomplete triple pelvicosteotomy in acetabular dysplasia.Patients and methods: Twenty-six hips of 24 patients (5 males, 19 females) treated with incomplete triplepelvic osteotomy by a single surgeon from February 1995 to October 2001 were retrospectively reviewedat an average follow-up time of 12 years. The mean age at the time of surgery was 21.6 years (range: 14e41). Radiological evaluation was based on the central edge angle, acetabular angle, acetabular index,acetabular head index and lateralisation. Clinical and radiological scoring was performed using the Harrisscoring system, €Omero glu scoring system and the T€onnis criteria for osteoarthritis.Results: There was signiŞcant improvements in all of the radiological parameters with 88.5% goodradiological results, 96.2% excellent clinical results, no signiŞcant progression to osteoarthritis and noneed for conversion to total hip arthroplasty. The rate of major complication was 11%. Retroversion wasseen in 15.4% of the hips.Conclusion: Our results support the use of incomplete triple pelvic osteotomy as a safe choice in thetreatment of acetabular dysplasia as it offers clinical and radiological beneŞts and contributes to theprevention of osteoarthritis.Level of evidence: Level IV, therapeutic study.


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