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Yıl 2011 , Cilt 3 , Sayı 1

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The participation banking and its comparison with deposit banking in the turkish finance market

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Yalova University, Economics and Administration Sciences Faculty Business Administration Department1
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Financial systems and institutions has become the most important reason in the fragility of world economic system. The formation and development process of the financial structure also constitutes the infrastructure of the world economic system. The course of the financial system and development has led to debate with the financial crisis in 2009-2010. One of the discussion topic in order to eliminate problems caused by the conventional banking system is alternative financing systems. In our country, the corporations based on profit share system which are named participation based banking spotlight, if the alternative banking systems are considered. These banks which determine different principles in the risk distribution of the portfolio acquired are analyzed more nowadays. Participation based banks are placed in almost every regulation related to banking terms and get their legal infrastructure more stable in the banking legislation of our country. In this study, we try to find out the place and the importance of participation based banking with the various sub-headings especially in our country. We examine the comparative review 2007-2009 data of participation banks which Collected Turkish Currency and Foreign Currency Funds, Bank Loan Funds, Total Assets, Equity and Net Profit figures for the four participation banks in Turkey. We are comparing the total figures with deposit banks for the same period.

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