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Obtaining Cosmetic Raw Materials from the Natural Resources of Turkey and Getting Them to the Industry
İffet İrem ÇANKAYA
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Öz The flora of Turkey has a wide variety of plant species due to its geographical location and it is composed of approximately 12,000 taxa, of which one third is endemic. Many plants have been used for cosmetic purposes since ancient times, especially for today, in the cosmetic industry, the demand for natural and non-harmful sources has increased, rather than synthetic substances. Considering these two conditions, it is observed that there are many plants in our country and this diversity finds a lot of space in the cosmetics industry. Due to an increasing number of natural cosmetic products for consumers, in this paper, it is aimed to create a source of guidance for domestic suppliers/manufacturers by utilizing the diversity of natural resources and to increase the diversity of domestic natural products used in the industry. Besides this, in terms of raw materials for cosmetic products, easier, sustainable and to reach in the short term as well as economically important plants are given in this paper. Cosmetic products and / or raw material manufacturers will improve the quality of cosmetic raw materials and cosmetics products that they are producing in line with this information and thus, cosmetic raw materials and products originating from our country will be appreciated in the world.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Phytocosmeceuticals, Natural Resources
1. Baytop, T. (1999). Türkiye’de Bitkiler ile Tedavi, Geçmişte ve Bugün (2. Baskı). İstanbul: Nobel Tıp Kitabevleri.
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